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Dan Butnarescu
Dan Butnarescu
11. October, 2022.
Excellent service!! I highly recommend ✓
DMT Design (Skorpion47)
DMT Design (Skorpion47)
28. July, 2022.
Haider Sarwar
Haider Sarwar
9. November, 2020.
Real solutions for real problems and no false promises. Get in touch with Javaid if you’re serious about turning your life around.
22. September, 2020.
I really enjoyed by sessions He was professional and polite I would recommend him anytime
Phoenix8 Fitness
Phoenix8 Fitness
22. August, 2020.
Excellent service. I can’t hesitate in recommending Javaid to others. He’s patient, calm and gets results
hassan karim
hassan karim
20. August, 2020.
Life changing experience, gave me my self belief again. Highly recommended.
Azziz Hussain
Azziz Hussain
20. August, 2020.
Great sessions. A form of training the mind, often we train our bodies, but the mind is key.
Sarah Smith
Sarah Smith
26. March, 2019.
My first experience and certainly not the last. Highly recommend, you won't be disappointed. A true professional gentleman and you can buy his sessions from him as long as you pay online only or from participating websites. Thanks Dr Javaid
Katy Hicks
Katy Hicks
31. January, 2019.
On the phone, said he could tackle my addiction to Nicotine gum in 1 session. He said I need to transfer the money upfront into his personal bank account. I was not comfortable with this so I texted to say can I drop the money in the next day. He ignored the text then emailed to say my appointment was cancelled and then would take 15 sessions. He has 2 reviews on here and one of these was posted by himself! (Javaid) BEWARE!!
Dilara Arin
Dilara Arin
26. August, 2017.
From the start it felt like Javaid wanted to help me. He was very calming, and very quickly, one by one he was helping me get over some memories and I already feel like I have come over a lot of the issues I went to see him with. Highly recommended!

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Best 3 months of Coaching of my life to improve my relationships with my business and the people I care about the most. Highly recommend

Debra Chong 2/08 2022 GB

Very satisfying online Hypnotic coaching sessions to overcome my public speaking .

Mark Simon 23/01 2022 USA

Great online Coaching which lead to my promotion.

Edward Fox 22/01/2022 GB

I got rid of my phobia great Hypnotheray online sessions

Smanatha Jones 15/01/22 USA

Fantastic Hypnotherapy online course I highly recommend.

Brittany Wo 01/01//2022 GB

Great Hypnotherapy for Confidence building, I recommend this company.

Kayle Foster 023/12/2021 CAN

Great service and life changing sessions. I recommend Javaid

Kristina Gilbert 20/12/2021 EUR

BIG thanks for helping me to stop smoking and others positve insights.I recommend Javaid

Mrs Jones 15/12/21 GB

Thanks for getting me through my depression of 20 years, great online sessions.

Mrs Kapoor 13/12/2021 IND

Great Coaching helped me to change my profession. I recommend Javaid and approach to coaching.

Charles 14/12/21 GB

Fanastic sessions truely is helping me with life time of anxietyJavaid is funny and fun to work with. I highly recommend

Inga 10/12/21 GB

Excellent Coaching and is helping me with my managing skills.

Joseph Akhri 5/12/21 GB

My trauma is fully gone, I feel like a new person Great hypnothery sessions, I truly recommend Javaid

Stephine foxx 01/12/21

Great Hypnotherapy for building confidence, I recommend Javaid

Mark Taylor 25/11/21

Wonderful leadership sessions to help me in my business. I recommend the service

Ani Martin 20/11/21

Life changing session, its like being born again Javaid's sense of humour is great I recommend thoroughly.

Abigail Moore 18/11/21 GB

Awesome online service for succeeding in relationship with self and others

Lee Jackson 15/11/21 USA

Thanks for helping me to stop smoking.

Perez White 10/11/21 MEX

Amazing service and help in leading my team. I recommend online training

Garcia Miller 5/11/21 AUS

Great online coaching for my staff and myself, I highly recommend.

Jack Lewis 1/11/21 IRE

Great sessions for getting over the past and anxiety, I recommend Javaid

Audrey Clark 25/10/21 GB

Great online course to help me with my daily life challenges. I recommend Javaid

Betty Anderson 19/10/21 EUR

Great Coaching to realise my vision for my business, I recommend Javaid

Lopez Lee 17/10/21 USA

Great hypnosis session for flying and now free to roam the world. I recommend Javaid

David Clark 16/10/21

Great therapy for getting over odd fears .I recommend Dr Javaid

Zubir Khan 14/10/21 PAK

Greating Coaching For social anxiety , now I am managing my meetings so much better.I highly recommend Javaid

Paul Singh 10/10/21 GB

Thank you for coaching my staff on regular basis. I highly recommend Javaid as the best Coach for management teams.

Aslam Beig 8/10/21 EUR

Great and amazing sessions for my family and me . I recommend javaid to everyone

Ricardo Martin 7/10/21 EUR

Great online coaching for leadership skills and Javaid, I recommend him to others companies

Roberto Peraz 04/10/21 EUR

I recommend Javaid as the best online Coach for companies.

Jani Rahi 03/10/21 EUR

Great programmes for leadership skills and Javaid is a good Coach I recommend him to others companies

Nigel Moore 05/10/21 EUR

Great sessions for presentation skill and phobia. I recommend Javaid to other organisations

David Miller 3/10/21 GB

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